Flexible, Experienced, Bespoke.


Welcome to Borehole Solutions Ltd – a leading provider of geotechnical drilling solutions across the United Kingdom for over two decades. Whatever your site investigation needs, whether it be the smallest of city basements or a large stadium; a small earthen embankment or a large infrastructural bridge, Borehole Solutions will provide you with the bespoke, tailored service that you require.

With our team racking up over a century of drilling experience between them, you can rest assured that your site investigation is in capable hands. Our industry experience has seen us become proud members of various prestigious bodies within the industry – the British Drilling Association, CHAS, RISQS and Construction Line, to name but a few.

Borehole Solutions offers an extensive and comprehensive range of drilling solutions, catering to any and every situation. There are few geotechnical surveyors better trusted across Britain than the team here at Borehole Solutions. It isn’t just the breadth of service that sets us apart, however, it’s the depth. Borehole Solutions will oversee your site investigation from inception through to completion, and do so in a prompt yet thorough manner, whilst all the while keeping costs to an absolute minimum for you.

Borehole Solutions’ team are fully qualified and have various relevant qualifications including:

  • CSCS
  • First Aid
  • Face Mask
  • Fitness Tests
  • BDA Audit Cards

These qualifications, paired with the company’s can-do motto “If you can walk there, you can drill there”, makes for a geotechnical drilling firm which is both highly effective and highly trustworthy. We’re by nature a client-driven company, and everything we do is done, first and foremost, with the client in mind. As a company, we also work further afield and have tackled many European projects, such is the reputation that we’ve built up over the years through our hard work.

Borehole Solutions is one of the more progressive and environmentally-conscious site investigation companies around the UK. We look to always make sure that our projects have as minimal an impact as possible, in terms of not only the type of work carried out, but also in the amount of time actually spent on each individual investigation.

Our Services

Below is a brief outline of some of our many services on offer:

There are few geotechnical surveyors who are as versatile or flexible as Borehole Solutions Ltd. Hard work, integrity and passion are what make for a brilliant drilling company, and Borehole has those qualities in spades. To find out about our services in greater detail, visit our services pages.

Take a further look through our website to get more of a sense of our company ethos, and to find out why we’ve become so popular for geotechnical site investigations across the UK and abroad.

Latest News


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A Day In The Life Of Our Geotechnical Drilling Company

A Day In The Life Of Our Geotechnical Drilling Company

The life of a driller is one of hard graft, early starts and time spent away from loved ones. It’s as challenging as it is rewarding, but for the team at Borehole Solutions, one of the UK’s foremost geotechnical drilling companies (and certainly one of the...



We are Proud members of the British Drilling Association, CHAS, RISQS and Construction Line, our drilling professionals have well over one hundred years experience between them in the site investigation industry.

Safe hands


The health and wellbeing of all our personnel – as well as that of the general public – is of paramount importance to the team here at Borehole Solutions. That’s why we’re always looking to further our health and safety training wherever we can. We also have our own designated Group Health and Safety Manager to ensure that the highest of standards are adhered to whilst on site.