Sonic Drilling

Borehole offers a complete sonic drilling service. Sonic drilling is an advanced drilling technique which utilises high-frequency energy generated inside a sonic head to advance a core barrel downwards through a substrate.

The benefits of sonic drilling are well-documented and include that it’s safer, faster (on average 400% quicker than standard rotary drilling) and cleaner than conventional auguring methods. In fact, sonic drilling can reduce IDW (Investigation-Derived-Waste) by up to 80%, a drastic improvement whichever way you look at it!

It also returns core samples of a high integrity and quality through even the most difficult of materials (limestone, sand, dolomite, etc.). Sonic drilling also has a high degree of verticality, ensuring minimal borehole deviation and greater accuracy.

The telescopic casings used allow for several drilling advances in any one investigation. Using a sonic drill is also more environmentally friendly than more conventional drilling methods, something that’s vital in the environmentally-conscious era in which we live.

'The bee's knees'


Borehole Solutions are absolutely amazing – the bee’s knees! I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for this service.