Borehole Solutions Discuss How To Deal With Highway Failures

by | Feb 26, 2021

Britain’s roads are its blood vessels. They keep businesses booming, enable families to get together (in more normal times) and lives to be saved. Whilst air, boat and rail are unquestionably all important modes of travel, there’s nothing quite like our arterial network of roads in helping us both work and play.

That’s why it’s all the more frustrating, then, when things on our roads go wrong. Highway failures (in whatever form they may take) are, at best irritating, and at worst downright dangerous. They must be dealt with quickly and efficiently and that’s where contractors like Borehole Solutions come in. The team here at Borehole Solutions provide extensive remedial work for highway failures, we wanted to take a look at them in a bit more detail.


What Is A Highway Failure?

Highway failures are instances where roads see structural failures of some sort. This can range from a small pothole to a much larger, more significant crack opening up down the middle of a carriageway. Various stresses can cause these failures, including:

  • Severe weather events
  • Poor design
  • Age
  • Excessive load
  • A combination of the above

They can pose significant danger not only to road users but those nearby as well (pedestrians and runners, for instance).


Example Of A Highway Failure

To give you a sense of a typical highway failure, here’s an example of a job the team at Borehole Solutions recently undertook. A tension crack appeared on the carriageway of a road in Yorkshire, accompanied by rotational failure of the retaining structure. To prevent the problem from worsening and in order to protect drivers and other road users, repair works were required.

Using one of our sonic drilling rigs, the team drilled through the carriageway to acquire soils data and to install inclinometers for continual movement monitoring. What’s an inclinometer? They’re nifty bits of kit used to help measure angles and gives engineers an easy way of monitoring a road over time to see if it worsens again, at all. Even the best-designed roads sometimes display failures after time, that’s what happens with a lot of wear and tear. Keeping proactive and on top of these issues, therefore, and preventing them from significantly worsening is the most important thing.


What Highway Failures Services Do We Offer?

Our team are experienced in dealing with a variety of highway failures, so if you’re in need of both experience and quality, then look no further! We have a range of sonic drilling rigs and a team of drillers known for their hard work, commitment and quality results. We also offer other geotechnical services, including:

  • Restricted access drilling
  • Sample testing
  • Contamination testing
  • Basement underpinning
  • And much, much more!


Contact Borehole Solutions

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