Borehole Solutions’ Managing Director Prepares For The London Marathon

by | May 21, 2021

For the third year running, Borehole Solutions’ Managing Director John Rodgman will be running the London Marathon. Running one London marathon is impressive, but running three?! Well, that’s just bordering on madness. Mad though it may be, it’s a feat worth noting and talking about – whether John wants to or not! Don’t worry though, it’s all for a good cause, as John will be running for the Free Representation Union (FRU) this year – a cause close to his heart.


The Free Representation Union (FRU)

What, though, is the Free Representation Union? The FRU have been providing representation in employment and social security tribunals to those who cannot afford legal representation, for almost half a century, now. It’s their belief that everyone should have access to good-quality legal support and representation, no matter your financial status. The FRU provide legal support for the following:

  • Employment tribunals.
  • Benefit appeals.
  • Criminal injury compensation.


The Details

After having run it virtually last year, John is hoping that the planned in-person event for this year goes ahead as planned. Managing to host any sort of a London Marathon last year –virtual or not – was an impressive achievement, but nothing compares to the real thing! Winding your way around the Thames, seeing the sights and attempting not to collapse are the staples that make the London Marathon what it is!

In spite of having run the race twice previously, John has been characteristically self-deprecating about his thoughts towards the race, with the phrase “coughing up a lung” popping up more than once or twice! Whether there’s a PB in sight or not, though, for John, doesn’t matter. It’s a bit of a cliché, but when it comes to these sorts of charitable races – it really is the taking part that counts.


Our Ethos

From Borehole Solutions’ very inception, the idea of instilling a family ethos has been key. The lads might give John a bit of stick over running the race (though we notice none of the other guys have entered!) but deep down they’re as proud as anything. Hard work and family mean everything to this company, and the work doesn’t get much harder than pounding the pavements for over 26 miles! Hats off to you John, break a leg in the race – or, actually, poor choice of words, don’t do that. Just… good luck from the rest of the Borehole team!


Contact Us

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