BSL’s Metal Engineering Workshop Has A New Addition: The XYZ PROTURN RLX 780 CNC Lathe

by | May 21, 2020

Every so often, as adults, days come along that feel just like Christmas did as a child. The joy of waking up and tearing open that year’s present was beyond comparison. Well, at BSL Precision Engineering – part of the Borehole Solutions Group – the metal engineering workshop has just taken stock of its latest piece of high-tech equipment. Having talked to the guys on the workshop floor, they were certainly excited about it! We thought we would take you through its key features to demonstrate why BSL are so happy to have it at their disposal!


What Is A CNC Lathe?


CNC stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’; in the case of a CNC lathe, it refers to the inputting of programs and their consequent execution to produce machining components. The efficiency and accuracy that comes from using a CNC lathe is much greater when compared with conventional machining methods. A statistic exemplifying just how accurate CNC machines are is that they can achieve accuracy within 1/1000th. Paired with the removed human error, you can understand just why they’re so beneficial to metal engineering workshops.


The Proturn’s Features

So, what are the core features of our new lathe and what do they bring with them?



The lathe comes with a specialist control program; ProtoTRAK, as well as a hand-wheel featuring TRAKing® (which enables users to guide the lathe and its programmed function through at their own speed) as standard. All of which makes machining easier than ever before. Featuring a touch-display screen and modes to display and verify parts, even those relatively inexperienced with CNC machinery will be experts in no time. This ease of use means even the most complex batches of parts will be produced, from first drawing to completion, quicker than ever before.



When you’re looking to produce the number of components that the metal engineering department at BSL does, you need machines that you know will stand up to some serious usage. Where some smaller lathes seem flimsy, by comparison, the Proturn RLX 780 is cast from one singular casting. This as opposed to several smaller pieces put together. This gives it the weight, sturdiness and durability needed to be put through its paces day after day, week after week, year after year.



Health and safety is something we take incredibly seriously here at Borehole Solutions, whatever the department. Working with heavy machinery and moving parts will always present an element of risk. Thanks to features such as the Proturn’s guard, however, these risks are mitigated as much as possible. The guard ensures that potentially hazardous waste materials are contained and don’t risk becoming airborne. Materials such as swarf – metal filings and shavings stemming from the lathing process.

No matter how skillful your workforce, the machinery at your disposal will always present a limiting factor. Something which will prevent more efficient, accurate and productive manufacturing. That’s why acquiring equipment such as this new CNC lathe is so important to the team at BSL Precision Engineering. So, if you’d like to find out more about BSL’s metal engineering services, then get in touch with them! Contact BSL Precision Engineering today on 01733 332 117.