Christmas Wishes From The Borehole Team

by | Dec 25, 2020

Christmas Wishes From The Borehole Team! 

In what’s been a year like no other, the Borehole Solutions team has felt privileged to keep providing geotechnical and ground investigation services, the nation over. Perspective is something we’ve all gained a bit more of this year, and the importance of friendship and family, in particular.

Something we’ve always been proud to boast here at Borehole, is that family feeling, and the team has definitely helped one another through, this year. We wanted to get a handle on how the year’s been for some of Borehole’s leading men.


John Rodgman, Director (Borehole Solutions Group)

We first spoke to John Rodgman, Director of the Borehole Solutions Group, about his thoughts on the year, in general. “It’s been quite the year, hey?” John starts, “But I can’t thank the boys enough for the work they’ve put in this year. It’s been top-class from beginning to end.

“We went into this year wanting it to be one of our best years yet, as a business,” He continues. “And, in spite of everything, what with the pandemic and all, we’ve still managed to hit those goals.”

I asked John how he thought they’d managed to come through to the end of the year in the way they had? “Hard work I think, more than anything else,” He begins. “Come the pandemic, we thought we can either let it affect us, or treat it as a challenge – we chose the latter.


“We’ve Got To Give Thanks”

“At the same time, though,” John continues. “We were keen to show our appreciation to the key workers and those on the front-line fighting the pandemic. We wouldn’t have been able to continue operating in the way we have were it not for their work. That’s why we put our workshops to the task of producing ventilator parts. We just wanted to show our thanks in some way, really.”

So, what about 2021? “Next year, we’re planning more aggressive and exciting expansion, as a company, than ever before.” John smiles. “From our sonic branch to our cable percussion work, we’ve got big things planned.”


Andy Pearson, Managing Director (Borehole Solutions North) 

Andy Pearson is proud to head up the Borehole group’s Northern branch, Borehole Solutions North, and it doesn’t take too long for the healthy rivalry between the two groups to come to the surface. “What’s John been saying, then?” Andy laughs. “It’s been a hell of a year for the group, in general, though obviously, I’m a little biased in saying that I think Borehole Solution North has done particularly well!

“I started out as a second man on a window sampling rig, over a decade ago. To be part of this firm, now, and to see the kind of progress it’s making? It’s a special thing.”

Keen not to show any favouritism between the two sides, I put to Andy the question I’d asked John. What did he put the year’s successes down to? Especially given what’s been thrown at them by COVID-19? “I think it comes back to our mantra, really,” Andy says. “That hard work tops everything else– it has to. You can be the most talented contractor in the world, but if you’re not willing to put in the hours, it counts for nothing. That’s what sets our lads apart, I think.”

Friendly poking aside, there’s clearly an immense pride from everyone involved within the firm. To see that kind of energy after the year it’s been? Well, we’d say that’s a fairly good sign, moving forward…


Merry Christmas!

So, from all the team here at Borehole Solutions, we wish you a merry festive period, filled with family, friends and a fair bit of food to top it all off! We’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody who’s supported us this year, it hasn’t gone unnoticed, not by any means. Merry Christmas!


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