Geotechnical Services: The Importance Of Coastal Engineering

by | May 28, 2021

Being an island nation, we have a lot of coastline. In fact, according to the Ordnance Survey, the UK has –including its islands – a staggering total of 31,368km. Some of our coastlines are formed from hard, igneous rocks like granite; these can withstand a huge amount of weathering and exposure to the elements without much damage being done. Sedimentary-based coastlines, however, such as the Jurassic coast in the south of England, are formed from rocks like limestone and sandstone, and are much more susceptible to erosion. That’s where something called coastal engineering enters the fold. The team here at Borehole Solutions offers a comprehensive range of geotechnical services, and have previously worked on repairing sea defences and other coastal engineering projects. We wanted to look at its importance in a bit more detail.


How Fast Is The UK’s Coastline Retreating?

Some of the UK’s coastline remains relatively unchanged over the past couple of centuries. In other parts, however, like Norfolk, Suffolk, Dorset and Yorkshire, the coastline is retreating at such an alarming rate that it’s thought an estimated 7,000 homes could be lost to the sea by the end of this century!


The Jurassic Coast

Only a couple of months ago, the Jurassic Coast was subject to one of the largest cliff collapses in recent times. Occurring in April near Weymouth, in Dorset, it’s thought that there hasn’t been as sizeable a cliff collapse in around 60 years. The constant wave action on naturally softer rock types, combined with the other elements such as wind and rain, all combine to wear the rock down, until structural weaknesses then lead to cliff collapse or other similar issues. In this instance, it’s thought that almost 10,000 tons of debris collapsed in total.


What Is Coastal Engineering?

Coastal engineering is a broad term that encompasses any sort of man made coastal defence. It can be as simple as the wooden groynes you see on beaches installed to stop sand and other beach material being shifted too far along the beach due to longshore drift. Or it can be incredibly large sea walls and boulders designed to disrupt wave and storm force. Here at Borehole Solutions, we’ve previously worked on various sea defence projects, including the repairing of damaged and poorly-performing sea walls.


Our Other Geotechnical Services

We offer a variety of geotechnical services here at Borehole Solutions, including:


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