Geotechnical Solutions: Completing Two Jobs with One Stone…

by | Jul 12, 2021

As a geotechnical firm, a lot of what we do revolves around problem-solving. Whilst there are similar jobs, and run-of-the-mill projects, the fact remains that no two jobs are the same. And in certain circumstances, a job will have more than one problem associated with it that needs solving. Of course, efficiency is key in our profession and so finding ways to quickly and effectively deal with multiple issues is crucial. Sometimes, you can even kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and those are the kind of jobs we love. Here at Borehole Solutions, we recently re-visited an old job where just that happened…


The Background

Back in December, in 2015, the market town of Todmorden in West Yorkshire was subject to severe flooding around the Christmas period. In fact, the town (and the surrounding Calderdale area) spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day inundated. Such was the trauma of the event that people still today feel a sort of mental hangover from the time. Following this flooding, extensive emergency works were actioned across the area, including the installation of a landslide barrier fence by our very own Rob Lewis to protect a school and housing.

He also subsequently oversaw the slope’s cement stabilisation slope to further shore it up against any future landslide events. The slope also happened to contain tipped asbestos from previous construction and the landfill above, which obviously posed both an environmental, as well as a health issue. The cement from the slope stabilisation had the added bonus of encapsulating the asbestos, thereby removing any dangers it posed. An effective way of dealing with two major issues with one solution!


Cut Back to Today…

Rob recently went back to the Todmorden area to check in on how the slope was holding up, and to take a look, using monitoring inclinometers, at whether the slope had degraded at all. Inclinometers are measuring instruments used to help determine tilt and angle of slope; it’s important to check in on the state of such works semi-frequently, particularly in areas heavily affected by flood and landslip events, to make sure everything is working as it should be. There’s always something satisfying about going back to a job well done, and seeing it still performing just as it did several years ago!


Our Other Geotechnical Solutions

Alongside our emergency and remediation works, we offer a whole host of other geotechnical and geo-environmental services. These include:


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