How Important is Borehole Drilling Health & Safety?

by | Sep 24, 2021

We take borehole drilling health and safety very seriously here at Borehole Solutions. When working with borehole drilling machines that weigh in excess of 200kg, you can’t afford not to. With the heavy machinery, loud noise from the drilling and potentially hazardous materials around, there is a lot of danger to work around on a borehole drilling site. Due to this, we supply our drillers and engineers with a plethora of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety whilst on the job.

What PPE is used for Borehole Drilling Health & Safety?

As an experienced Borehole Drilling company, we have worked on sites all across the UK. From working on construction sites to main roads to cliffsides and everything in-between. Each project has different requirements in terms of health and safety requirements, although most of the PPE is consistent throughout the projects we have worked on.

Hard hats are a must for most sites, whether on a building site or anywhere else, there is always a risk of being hit on the head by falling materials. Likewise, the drilling process has moving parts, which can potentially fling material out at the engineers. The hats will protect their heads, whilst safety glasses/goggles will protect their eyes from harm. The safety glasses will also protect from dust, which, as we’re sure you can imagine, can be a big problem on some sites. Face masks are also provided to help with this, which handily doubles up as protection from Covid!

We also use earplugs and ear defenders to protect our hearing from noisy machines, safety footwear with steel toe caps, safety gloves for handling machinery and materials and of course high-vis clothing so our staff can easily be seen whilst working on the site.

Of course, this is all standard equipment as you’d expect on construction projects, but we’ve also had to use extra gear for specialist borehole projects, such as protective suits and harnesses. We always go above and beyond!

PPE is just the beginning

Whilst PPE is indeed important on a drill site, what is more important is that everyone involved knows how to act to ensure their own, and others’, safety. Therefore, our drillers and engineers undergo training and have a range of qualifications, including:

  • CSCS
  • First Aid
  • Fitness Tests
  • BDA Audit Cards

On top of all of this, we also have our own designated Group Health and Safety Manager to oversee projects and ensure sites adhere to our high standards.

Why are we telling you this?

As you can see, we put the utmost care and attention into our borehole drilling health and safety, which is indicative of everything we do here at Borehole Solutions. We are very thorough with every process, from start to finish. This professionalism has led to us working up and down the country and even heading overseas, such is our renown.

So, if you’re looking for a “safe pair of hands” when it comes to drilling your boreholes, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch!

Contact Borehole Solutions today on 01733 200 501. We also offer an extensive range of other geotechnical services, including sonic, rotary and cable percussion drilling, as well as soakaway, water well and ground source heat pump installations! Or take a look at our Instagram to see images of our previous work.