How to save £5,000 on installing a ground source heat pump

by | Nov 2, 2021

Recently, the UK government announced their latest plans to help to decarbonise residential heating systems across the country. They have pledged £450million in grants pertaining to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. The aim of this scheme is to persuade people to replace boilers that are coming up to their end-of-life with new, low-carbon heat pumps. Grants will be issued over a 3-year period, starting in April next year. 

This funding is part of the UK’s aim to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Currently, they have pledged £3.9billion towards decarbonising heat and buildings up to 2025, along with billions more in other markets, such as infrastructure for the electric automotive sector. 

The focus specifically on reducing the amount of carbon emissions from heating buildings is very justified in the grand scheme of things. 75% of all carbon emissions from buildings come from heating alone. Considering that buildings contribute to over 20% of all UK emissions, it means that heating the country is a little over 15% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. Reducing this significant portion of our output will get us well on the way to achieving our aims. 

How much can you save on installing a heat pump?

Over the 3 years that the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is currently planned for, the government are helping to fund 90,000 boiler replacements. This equates to £5,000 per grant, making the cost of installing a heat pump more in line with a normal boiler replacement. With the added bonus of saving on energy costs, you would be set to make huge savings over the life of a heat pump. This is especially true considering the huge rise in energy costs in recent times. 

It is also worth noting that if you ever wish to move house, a ground source heat pump is very desirable. Reports have shown that homes that improve just one band on their EPC rating can lead to the house value increasing by over £16,000. 

Upgrading your old boiler to a ground source heat pump is a real no-brainer if it is coming up to the end of its lifespan. We always thought it was anyway, but now it will cost £5,000 less too! You can’t go wrong! 

Borehole Solutions’ Views

Here at Borehole Solutions, we have been advocating for an uptake in ground source heat pumps for a long time. Even as recently as just a couple of weeks ago we were shouting about how heat pumps are so much better for the environment on our blog. 

However, it is worth noting that there is a difference between air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. The government seem to be trying to push air source heat pumps, which can take up a lot of space and are not as effective as GSHPs. This is because they are faster and a bit cheaper to install and therefore, they think that they can win more brownie points by getting a load of them installed across the country. To ensure you have a nice, uniform, consistent heat source, you should opt for a ground source heat pump. 

The £5k grants will apply to the work that we carry out here at Borehole Solutions. We have extensive experience drilling boreholes and installing ground source heat pumps up and down the country. Considering there are only 30,000 grants per year across the whole of the country, it’s best to get planning ahead now to ensure you are a recipient of the grant. 

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