Important Considerations When Choosing A Sonic Drilling Contractor

by | Jun 19, 2020

Our sonic drilling service is one of the things we’re most proud of as a geotechnical drilling company. Although it has been around for years now, the proliferation of sonic drilling as a more widely-used drilling method amongst contractors has only been relatively recent. It’s a highly productive and efficient means by which to investigate a site. However, when it comes to the quality of contractors, nationwide, there’s a very wide range.

The team here at Borehole Solutions wanted to talk about what to look out for when using a sonic contractor.


Do They Have Highly Trained Operators?

Unlike some more conventional drilling methods, there’s less room for operator error. Whilst a poorly trained driller may still manage to accrue results of an acceptable standard with other rigs, for example, poor operation of a sonic rig will only yield poor results. It’s imperative, therefore, that when hiring a contractor, you find out how well-trained on a sonic rig they actually are. Both in terms of experience and qualifications. A botched job with such a rig is only going to cause you more stress and a financial headache.


Inquire On The Standards Of Equipment Maintenance

Sonic drilling is demanding on a rig’s machinery. This is by no means surprising giving just how hard it can work and the kinds of substrate it can work its way through. A good geotechnical drilling company should be proud of their rigs. They should take the same pride in them that a mechanic would in their cars. If a geotechnical company doesn’t take the appropriate measures to look after their equipment, then the chances of them breaking down increase significantly. Sod’s law, in its infinite wisdom, would suggest that it may well break down when carrying out your work! So, it’s definitely worth finding out about their maintenance, in order to save you hassle further down the line and put your mind at ease.


Size Matters

You have a job that needs doing and you’ve done your research, sonic drilling seems to be the most effective way of going about it. That’s that, right? Not necessarily, because it may just so happen that the job you need doing is restricted access and the contractor you’ve got in touch with only has a large sonic rig. A truly well-rounded drilling fleet will include both smaller, restricted access sonic rigs as well as the conventional larger ones. Just because a company offers ‘sonic drilling services’ doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be able to cater to your job requests. As with so much in life, then, it quickly becomes apparent that doing a little bit of research can go a long way!

Here at Borehole Solutions, we’re proud of both our fleet of rigs and our team of drillers. A team who accepts nothing but the highest of standards for a job. If you’d like to find out more about our sonic drilling service, then get in touch! Contact us today on 01733 200 501.