Restricted Access Drilling

by | Nov 26, 2021

There are numerous situations in which restricted access drilling is necessary. Many imagine a heavy traffic urban setting, but realistically a rural setting is just as likely to have these implications. Should a site be difficult to enter, then a specialist rig specifically for restricted access is likely to be necessary.

The situation in which one would require a rig for this scenario include, but are not limited to, micro-piling, open borehole sampling, cable percussion drilling, sonic drilling, the installation of retrofit geo-exchange units, hollow stem auguring, and window sampling.

It’s important to note that there is a marked difference between limited and restricted access drilling. Limited access refers to limitations that impede the operator in using the equipment that they already have in situ. On the other hand, restricted access refers to the difficulty in accessing the site in the first place.

Urban Settings

Should this scenario occur in an urban setting, this could mean anything from entering an underground tunnel to drilling in the midst of traffic. Site dependant, you may have no more than a few square metres to work with, in which case a conventional rig just would not be suitable. Restricted access rigs allow the unit to be dismantled and re-mantled, offering portability. Should the issue be the width of access, a mounted rig would be more suited to the task at hand.

Headroom considerations

Height restrictions may also be a consideration. Should you have a site with minimal headroom, whether from a rural overhead canopy or an urban setting with a low ceiling; our restricted access drilling solutions are able to offer a solution. With telescopic masts, we can drill in spaces with just a couple of metres of headroom available.

Leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible is of course also a consideration. Naturally, any drilling will create some level of disturbance – this is inevitable. However, a modular, portable rig will keep disruption to a minimum.

Safety and your rig

As you can well imagine, safety is paramount in our industry. As such, the vast majority of restricted access rigs are fitted with hydraulic breakout clamps. In cramped conditions these are essential, as they negate the need for the drill operator to be completely ‘hands on’ when operating; which of course mitigates the risk of injury.

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