Save Thousands on Water with an Agricultural Borehole

by | Oct 12, 2021

Whilst our American cousins over the pond are celebrating National Farmer’s Day, it got us thinking about all the farmers we have worked with here at Borehole Solutions. We work with the industry to drill agricultural boreholes to access groundwater. We also line the borehole and install the pumps as part of our service. 

The agriculture industry uses 70% of all commercial water consumption every day. This is for a wide variety of purposes. From irrigation and drinking water for livestock to washing down and slurry flushing. This is a huge amount of water. Luckily, with a borehole you can extract up to 20,000 litres a day without an abstraction license or any other fees. That is enough drinking water for about 200 cows every day. Should you need more water than this, you would need a licence, which costs a different amount for every person due to the number of factors included. The confusing calculation can be found here, but Borehole will be happy to help figure out how much money you could save before going ahead. 

Cost savings 

So yes, there can be ongoing costs with agricultural boreholes for license fees and some maintenance costs. Larger farms are stating that they are saving more than £40-£50 a day on their water usage, which works out to a saving of at least £14,600 a year with only one borehole. Many farmers declare that boreholes more than pay for themselves after one year and the vast majority say the same after two years. As we say, we can help figure out how much you could save and even go through the application process for an abstraction license with you if required. 

The problem with “cheap” agricultural boreholes 

Whilst almost every farmer says that a borehole has given them the fastest return on investment out of anything they’ve done, you still hear some horror stories from people in the industry. The main issue that we hear of is boreholes collapsing in on themselves. This will block up the borehole and can dislodge the pump, causing further issues. If you use a professional company such as Borehole Solutions, you will mitigate this risk. It is conceivable to say that a borehole can last decades at least, with minimal maintenance. 


There isn’t a huge amount of maintenance required for a borehole. Depending on your location, you could get bacteria, manganese or iron deposit build up in your pump. Bacteria can be treated with UV lights whilst manganese and iron deposits can be easily removed with a chemical clean. However, if you lift up the pump for cleaning every now and again, you shouldn’t need to resort to these extra measures in the first place. 

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