The Benefits Of Water Well Drilling

by | May 8, 2020

An increasing number of people in recent times have looked to install their own, domestic water wall for their home’s water supply. Businesses too have looked to water borehole drilling for greater levels of self-sufficiency. It’s important, however, that you make sure your well drilling is carried out by contractors who know exactly what they’re doing. There have been many horror stories of botched jobs leading to greater difficulties down the line, both practical and financial. The team here at Borehole Solutions, providers of water borehole drilling and other drilling services, wanted to look at the perks to having water a well installed.


Increased Independence

By having a water well installed on site, you grant yourself much greater levels of freedom. This comes both financially and otherwise. Using your own water supply means you aren’t at the beck and call of a private water supply company; the kind who like to try and extort money from you at every opportunity! In fact, you’re not paying any money for the water, whatsoever! The only costings you need to factor in are the well drilling cost, itself, and the running of the pump. Even after this, however, you’re still saving money in the long term.


Ease Of Maintenance

Some people shy away from having a water well drilled as they think its upkeep will be difficult. But, in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are only a few things you need to do in order to keep your well in perfect working order, and they’re by no means difficult!

  • Have an annual test carried out. This allows you to check for mechanical problems and reliability issues, as well as for the presence of any contaminants.
  • Keep hazardous materials away from your well (fertilisers, for example).
  • Regularly check to make sure the well cap is intact.
  • Maintain proper separation between water systems, waste systems and any chemical storage facilities such as septic tanks.

These preventative steps ensure nothing costly ends up occurring in the future. You just need to make sure you do them!


Looking To The Future

Having water well drilling carried out can very much be seen as an ecologically driven move. A water well onsite is more environmentally friendly than having water pumped from all over the country. Not only can you feel good then, as a business owner or property owner, safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment, but you can also feel good knowing that it may make you some money. How? Well, improved energy efficiency is well known to add value to a property. It’s why so many people install loft insulation, double glazing and solar panels. This is no different. So, when it comes to shifting your property further down the line, a water well will certainly help give the asking price a nice, little boost.

Water boreholes are inexpensive, efficient and inconspicuous additions to a premise that provide you with complete autonomy over your own water supply. In our view, it’s a wonder that not more people have them installed! So, if you’d like to find out more about the water borehole drilling that Borehole Solutions offers, then get in touch! Contact us today on 01733 200 501.