Using Soakaways & Other Methods To Deal With Torrential Rain This Winter

by | Oct 26, 2020

Rain is inevitable when living in the UK, soakaways and other geotechnical drilling methods are a great way to tackle these downpours. Although we tend to get rain all year round here in the UK, the autumn and winter months bring with them the most truly miserable weather of the year. Whilst the plants might love it, sometimes the drainage within a garden does not. With roughly one in six UK properties at risk from inundation (according to the Environment Agency) it’s worth looking into what you could do to mitigate flood risk (or perhaps just have a garden that drains better!)

The team here at Borehole Solutions Ltd- an experienced soakaway installation firm  – wanted to run through what your options are for better drainage.



Soakaways are unquestionably one of the best things you can implement to improve external drainage. These tried-and-tested systems are cost-effective and easy to install (though it’s worth having an experienced contractor carry out the work). They’re best suited to looser, more permeable soils. As well as semi-permeable bedrock types. It’s worth noting that soakaways are not suited to more densely packed soils – clays, for instance.


Simple & French Ditches

What then should you do for these ground types? The best option is to divert excess water. Diverting rainwater over clay soils by creating berms and ridges is one way around this. Preferably, look to divert the water towards a sewer or flood drain. If you’re a green-fingered sort of person, then one of the least costly measures you can implement is implementing a simple or ‘French’ ditch to help with that water diversion.


Water Butt 

More commonly known for their role in providing relief in drought conditions, domestic water butts and rain collectors can also play their part in mitigating flood risk. Especially during storm conditions. A handy trick is to leave the container’s tap open in the wetter months. Then as soon as seriously heavy rain is predicted to hit, you close the tap and you’re left with extra capacity to deal with the elevated levels of rainfall. In addition, by installing one of these water butts in your garden you do indeed get that safety blanket in the summer months. In the slim event of drought conditions.


Carry Out Property Maintenance Checks 

Now whilst your property might naturally be at greater risk of flooding than others, by dint of its geology and location, there are certainly still things you can do to make sure that that risk isn’t made any worse. It might not be the most glamorous of tasks but clearing your gutters of leaves and other detritus will stop them from overflowing and contributing to a waterlogged/flooded garden. If you’re in a reallyflood-prone area, then invest in some sandbags to put up against your door, as a worst-case-scenario kind of protection.


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