What is Cutdown Cable Percussion Drilling?

by | Jul 23, 2021

Cable percussion drilling is one of the most common forms of drilling out there. It’s cheap, effective and – most importantly – reliable. The rigs themselves, however – typically coming in a sort of A-frame shape – are quite large. In wide open spaces, where neither access nor drilling space are issues, this isn’t a problem. In tighter spaces, however, such as inner city projects and basements, then it can become problematic.

That’s where something called cutdown cable percussion drilling comes in so handy. The team here at Borehole Solutions offer both regular and cutdown cable percussion drilling services. We wanted to take a look at the latter in a bit more detail.


What Size are Normal Cable Percussion Rigs?

First, though, it’s worth describing the size specifications of a typical cable percussion rig. Now, clearly, sizings vary from rig to rig, but as a general rule, you’d expect to see a standard cable percussion rig come in at a height of around 6 to 6.5 metres, which isn’t the shortest of setups, whichever way you look at it. For more information on general cable percussion drilling, you can read our previous posts on the topic here.


How Does a Cutdown Cable Percussion Drilling Rig Differ, Then?

The main difference is the rig mast height, which is either built shorter as standard, or has the option of becoming cutdown. That’s to say, it features a telescopic mast, whose height can be adjusted as per the space requires. These rigs can be as short as two metres which, for a drilling rig, is incredibly short. This makes it ideal for those jobs with restricted/limited access.

We recently carried out a job in London, for instance, where building height was a real issue. With our cutdown rig, however, we were still able to carry out the jobs, drilling 40 metre deep boreholes and returning high-quality samples, this in spite of the cutdown rig’s diminutive frame.

The cutdown rig also features smaller component parts, meaning it can be erected more easily on-site, and parts can be taken to and from sites with less difficulty. All in all, it’s a highly effective compromise for where drilling needs doing, but where space isn’t a luxury.


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