When is the best time to drill a borehole?

by | Aug 26, 2021

The quick answer is that a borehole can be drilled at any time of year. Sure, there are times of the year when it’s nicer for us to be out and about at different sites. We’d rather not be traipsing around in the mud and the rain, but who would? Don’t worry about our feelings though. We won’t ever be too upset to drill a borehole! Borehole drilling at different times of year doesn’t really present much of a challenge for a seasoned borehole drilling company like Borehole Solutions. 

Many would assume that it is more difficult in the Winter when the ground freezes, but in reality, this can often be a great time for a borehole to be dug, especially if you’re trying to avoid any impact to the surrounding environment. You wouldn’t want to churn up your garden, for example! There is typically less mud with the ground being harder, so there will be less chance of leaving track marks from the heavy vehicles and equipment. 

Speaking of the equipment, a borehole drilling rig will not have any issues with the harder ground. They are designed to bore through rocks, of course! Getting boreholes drilled in the Winter is also a great way of beating the rush as most construction projects happen during the Summer. 

What if it is for a construction project? 

Of course, this does depend on what you are getting a borehole drilled for. If you’re drilling for a farm water well or a personal ground source heat pump, for example, then the Winter would be great! However, if you’re performing a geotechnical site survey for a construction project then it might not be appropriate or even possible to drill so far in advance of a project starting. If you’re drilling for a water well for a business’ water then pretty much any time the plot is empty is a great time to get started. This could mean you have easy access to water throughout construction as a side-benefit! 

Of course, a well can be created at nearly any time during construction, but it can be a lot more hassle if there are things that need to be avoided, such as other machinery or any building works. Equipment can be quite large and all of the debris from the hole will need to be removed as well, so access to and from the borehole is very important. Even then, Borehole Solutions has worked with very restricted access in the past! 

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So, to conclude, if you want to drill a borehole, you can do it at any time of year, but it all depends on why you’re looking to get one. Winter is a great time for well drilling, but construction projects can be a lot more nuanced on when it is possible. Basically, get it sorted as soon as possible in construction projects to avoid any complications! If you’d like to find out more about drilling boreholes, then get in touch! Contact Borehole Solutions today on 01733 200501.