Which Rig Should I Hire?

by | Jul 3, 2020

For any geotechnical drilling scenario, you’re going to need a rig of some sort. What rig you require, however, hinges entirely on various factors, some of which we will go into within this blog post. In recent years, the sheer expense of the drilling equipment alone has meant that many smaller geotechnical companies are turning to rig hire and rentals, rather than outright purchasing new rigs for their fleet. When looking to rent, you need to ascertain whether the company has the appropriate rig for you, and whether said company is well-regarded. Using a trusted rig hire company is equally important as using one which has what you need. After all, it’s all very well the company having the kit you’re after, but if it goes and breaks down on site, then you’re back to square one, with added frustration.

The team here at Borehole Solutions, one of the nation’s most trusted rig hire and geotechnical drilling companies, wanted to look at what rig is best to hire for various situations.


Scale And Type Of Job

Geotechnical drilling is just the same as anything else in life, in the sense that you need the appropriately sized equipment for the job at hand. In the same way that you wouldn’t take a hammer to an Airfix kit, you wouldn’t hire a sonic rig for some restricted access drilling work in the heart of a city. The two just don’t compute. By the same token, using a restricted access rig where space isn’t an issue is going to needlessly draw out the job for longer than it has to. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as efficient as its larger counterparts.


Larger Rigs

Sonic and percussion drilling rigs have immense performance capabilities, and are perfect for bigger jobs. Let’s look at what larger rigs (also including auger and rotary rigs) are good for, in particular. Rotary drilling is useful for jobs for rocks of soft to a medium hardness (limestone, for example), and for boreholes of relatively large diameter. Rotary drilling is often used in a quarry setting. Percussion drilling (regular or cable) is best for both consolidated and unconsolidated formations. These may include sands and clays. Auger drilling is an efficient means of drilling, especially in shallower settings. Sonic drilling is incredibly powerful, clean and efficient, and is one of our personal favourites here at Borehole Solutions. Sonic rigs are ideally suited to overburden conditions (in both soft and hard formations).


Smaller Rigs

If you’re only after a quick soil sampling, however, then a window sampling option would be much better suited to you. Handheld window sampling equipment is easy-to-use, and doesn’t require extensive training (which is another consideration – are you trained in using the equipment? Because, if not, you may as well just hire the company).



Of course, the other key consideration when looking at rig hire is the cost. Understandably, you’re paying for both size and quality. That’s why sonic drilling rigs, to continue our previous comparison, are the most expensive to hire and something like our handheld window sampling equipment is much cheaper. Exact figures are hard to give because each quote is dependent on factors such as how long it’s being hired for, what it’s being used for, breakdown cover etc.


What Rigs Do We Offer?

The full breakdown of the rig hire we offer here at Borehole Solutions can be seen below:

  • Sonic drilling rigs
  • Cable percussion rigs
  • Cut down cable percussion rigs
  • Percussion rigs
  • Window sampling rigs
  • Dynamic sampling rigs
  • TRL coring rigs
  • Auger rigs
  • Rotary drilling rigs
  • Handheld window sampling rigs

Choosing the right rig is essential in order to obtain the results you’re looking for. Choosing the wrong one will not just be annoying, but it will cost you time and money on top. If you’re still unsure as to which rig would suit you best, then our team would be happy to talk you through the options. If you’d like to find out anything else about our rig hire service, then get in touch! Contact Borehole Solutions today on 01733 200 501.