Why Sonic Drilling Is Ideal For Sampling And Recovery In Difficult Formations

by | Mar 26, 2021

There are many different drilling types out there, from cable percussion through to handheld, from RAB through to augur. There are few drilling types which offer as much versatility as sonic drilling, however, especially in more problematic formations.

The team here at Borehole Solutions, who provide geotechnical solutions across both the UK and abroad, offer sonic drilling as part of their flagship service. We’ve previously written in-depth about the process of sonic drilling; today, though, we wanted to look at its versatility in particular, especially in tricky geological settings.


Excellent Recovery Rates

Sonic drilling provides arguably the best recovery rates out of any drilling type, especially when looking to provide continuous core samples. The grades returned from sonic drilling samples can be up to three times higher than that of auger drilling, by comparison. For jobs where resource efficiency is paramount and excellent recovery rates are required, then sonic drilling provides the solution.

Looking at the Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill, for instance – which is one of the sonic rigs we utilise here at Borehole Solutions – it’s able to consistently achieve recovery rates of over 95% and often delivers virtually 100% recovery rates!


Sands, Gravels, Boulders & Everything In Between

If you’re dealing with a homogenous ground profile, then a more conventional drilling method might work just fine. If, however, you’re met with a profile capped by boulders, and containing beneath much finer sands and gravels, then sonic drilling is the option for you. In other words, for mixed profiles? Sonic drilling should be a major consideration.

We’ve recently undertaken sonic drilling jobs in the heart of Scotland where first and foremost our sonic rigs had to drill through boulders before it could deliver samples and profiles of the made ground beneath. Few other rigs could tackle this project with the sort of ease that our sonic rigs could. To us, we think they’re worth their weight in gold!


Looking For A Sonic Drilling Contractor?

If you’re looking for a contractor to carry out sonic services, you should make sure to do your research in what is a highly specialised field. The toll that the sonic method takes on its machinery means that rigs should be especially well looked after and services regularly.

One of the things we’re proudest of here at Borehole is the time, energy and care we put into keeping our fleet in good shape. Not just of our sonic rigs, but all of our rigs. We can also give you details of previous projects we’ve overseen so you can let our results do the deciding for you!


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