Why We Love The Eijkelkamp GeoPoint Compact CPT Rig For Site Investigations

by | May 10, 2020

One of the more recent additions to our drilling armoury here at Borehole Solutions is the Compact CPT Rig from Eijkelkamp GeoPoint. There’s a saying that goes the greatest things often come in the smallest packages. That’s certainly the case with this rig. The Compact CPT comes in at a compact 2.62 x 0.79 x 2.03 metres, and weighs in at just over 1 tonne. All of that whilst still delivering a pushing force of 100kN at the same time. These were figures that geotechnical drilling companies could only have dreamed of a few years back. Nowadays, however, they’re an increasingly common site across site investigations the nation over. We wanted to go into detail about why this is such a good rig to have at our disposal!



So, what does this rig feature as standard? The Compact CPT rig comes with CPT rods, hydraulic fluids, a CPT system and four anchors that enable an incredibly high reaction force for CPT pushing. Not bad for something that weighs roughly the same as a Nissan Micra! We’d also say it’s far better than one as well, but I suppose we may be a bit biased there… The point is that this rig punches well above its weight, and it punches hard.


The Eijkelkamp GeoPoint Compact CPT rig in action on a site investigation.
The Compact CPT rig – small but perfectly formed.


Restricted Access Drilling Capabilities

Naturally, the smaller frame of the Compact CPT rig makes it ideal for restricted access drilling. Its dimensions mean it’s ideal for fitting down narrow pathways, between garden panelling or through more wooded areas. The track-mounting enables a high degree of manoeuvrability at all times and maximum control for the operator. Sites that would have previously been inaccessible have now been opened up to site investigation possibilities. This is in no small part thanks to rigs such as the Compact CPT. It’s also highly versatile; its size means that it can easily be fit into the back of a van or a trailer.


A Considerate Rig

The Compact CPT is a highly modular drill. It can be separated into separate component parts: a hydraulic power pack which remotely powers the anchored CPT tower. In urban environments, there are a greater number of considerations for site investigations than there would be for rural settings. Noise pollution restrictions, air quality and levels of exhaust gas emissions all come into play. Having the power pack operate remotely means that work carried out in indoor spaces doesn’t have to result in a space being out-of-action for the foreseeable future following the drilling work – something that’s crucial in urban spaces where things can’t simply stop because drilling work needs doing.

We’ve briefly touched on the tracks upon which the Compact CPT is mounted. Not only do they offer that high level of movement, but they also disturb the ground beneath much less than their larger counterparts. If you’re having work carried out in a garden or an environmentally sensitive area, then you want to minimise the amount of damage you do beneath your feet wherever possible. With an already decreased weight spread across these tracks, you’re doing exactly that.


Safety Is The Top Priority

With any site investigations being carried out, the foremost consideration has to be the safety of the personnel on-site. Whilst this may never have been the case, traditionally, it certainly is now. Gone are the days where contractors approach jobs with a gung-ho attitude. Now, careful planning is implemented at every stage of the job to ensure the safety of those working the rigs. These include documents like risk assessment forms. The Compact CPT rig is every contractor’s dream from a safety standpoint.

Instead of using hand-operated clamps, the Compact CPT comes with its own ball clamps that sit within the CPT pushing rams. This reduces the risk of items of clothing or worse, parts of the body, being caught within the rig’s frame. Its ease of operation also means that there’s less scope for human error. This is something which, again, may have led to personal injury in the past. Its easy operation also enables the contractor to focus purely on the work at hand. This therefore delivers more accurate and precise work.

With an increasing number of site investigations being conducted in urban areas, and with customers expecting drilling no matter how tricky the access, the Compact CPT provides a fantastic solution. So, if you’d like to find out more about our site investigation services, then get in touch! Contact Borehole Solutions today on 01733 200 501. Whatever drilling solution you need, we’ll make sure to get it sorted.