Borehole Solutions Ltd is an umbrella group consisting of two geotechnical drilling companies: Borehole Solutions and Borehole Solutions North. These two companies, which cover the southern and northern parts of the nation, respectively, are far from separate, however.

In fact, more often than not, our two companies work in tandem with one another. The strength of this group bond between the two is part of what makes our overall service so strong. Below is a more in-depth look at some of the key team-members who comprise the Borehole Group:

John Rodgman

John is the Managing Director of Borehole Solutions Ltd. Having started out in the industry in 1998, John subsequently went on to set up the company in 2001 – at that time called JJR Site Investigations.

John first plied his trade on a PILCON 150 Shell & Auger Drilling Rig, but wasn’t satisfied with the lack of proper practices and codes of conduct in place within the industry. Simply put, John knew he could do a better job with his own company.

Over the past five years, Borehole Solutions has gone onto work within the drilling and site investigation industry more globally. The group has pursued European and North American markets, and shows no signs of slowing up any time soon. Here’s what John had to say about the company, a firm he lives and breathes every day:

“Having come from a family with little money growing up, there are few things more important to me than hard work and achieving goals. The north & south Borehole Solutions branches are incredibly competitive within one another, and this means that we’re always pushing our standards higher and higher. I have an immense pride in the company and all our employees.” 

“Family has always been the biggest part of my life, and the Borehole Solutions Group is now very much part of that family. If you have any doubts about my love for the company, then all you need to know is that I have the company logo and name tattooed on me! More than anything else, I want this company to grow, to see continual improvements in the quality of services that we provide and to become the benchmark when it comes to drilling companies.”

Phil Rodgman

Phil is John’s brother and is the Financial Director of Borehole Solutions Ltd.

Prior to joining the Borehole group in January 2017, Phil worked extensively within the IT sector for a leading payroll & HR software provider.

Alongside his financial duties, Phil also looks after the more administrative and clerical needs of the group. Here are Phil’s thoughts:

“My motivation is to continue to create and further cultivate a business group that truly serves the needs of our clients, staff and suppliers. Our aim is to operate not just in the UK but worldwide, whilst at the same time giving back to local communities and our business partners, as well as having a positive impact on the outside world through our products and services.”

Reece Brays

Reece Brays

Reece is the Director of Borehole Solutions International Rig Sales Ltd. Having joined Borehole Solutions North Ltd back in October 2017 as the lead driller on the dynamic sampling rig.

Reece also worked on limited access works with Borehole’s specialised LMSR & MVP rigs. In October 2018, Reece became Operations Manager. Here’s a few words from Reece:

I have 8 years experience within the industry including limited access drilling using the LMSR and MVP rig, and some rotary drilling experience. My job, alongside standard dynamic sampling, would be to undertake limited access works with our specialised LMSR & MVP rigs.”

“In October 2018 my role changed to Operations Manager. This meant being more involved with the day to day running of the window sampling side of the business; this included producing RAMS, a driller training program, health and safety, PPE distribution, purchasing, and health and safety procedures within the northern office. I am also a Director of Borehole Solutions International Rig Sales Ltd. Currently, I’m exploring bringing our own window sampling rigs to the drilling industry.”

Danny Andrews

Danny is Operations Manager of the dynamic sampling arm of Borehole Solutions Ltd. Having previously worked in the rail sector, Danny joined Borehole Solutions Ltd in October 2017, and used his experience as a Lead Driller on dynamic sampling projects, limited access works and now the sonic drilling section of the company, as well.

Here’s what Danny had to say about his role at the company:

“My job, alongside standard dynamic sampling, would be to undertake limited access works with our specialised LMSR & MVP rigs. These would generally be in basements and other difficult-to-reach areas in which other machines could not access. Then, I’d oversee the drilling and undertake testing to depths that pushed the boundaries of dynamic sampling.”

“In October 2018, after an incredibly busy and productive year, I was asked by the directors of the group to undertake a management role within the dynamic sampling arm of the company. My job (alongside site works) would be to supervise the maintenance and schedule repairs to our northern fleet of machines and vehicles, as well as other administrative duties. In November 2019, I was asked to join the ever-expanding and progressive sonic drilling arm of the company; a role in which I am incredibly passionate about.”

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What makes Borehole Solutions Ltd. unlike any other geotechnical group, is the family feel. With Borehole, you’re guaranteed a personable and heavily-invested service from start to finish, whoever you come into contact with. The corporate nature that has overtaken the geotechnical industry over recent years may get results; but with Borehole, you get the results and the service on top of that.