compact And versatile performance

Sometimes, the best things come in the smallest packages. That’s certainly the case with Eijkelkamp’s Compact CPT Rig.

Boasting performance features that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a rig of this size, it’s proven to be an incredibly useful and versatile rig to have in our drilling company’s armoury.

With an ever-increasing need for geotechnical site investigations to be carried out at only a moment’s notice, having a rig as flexible and versatile as the Compact CPT – one which can be transported and set-up incredibly easy – is seriously useful.

Main Benefits

The main benefits of the Compact CPT, aside from its diminutive frame, are that it’s incredibly easy to operate, easily transported and that it has its own detachable CPT tower.

This makes this particular rig ideal for restricted access drilling and drilling in urban areas where there may be restrictions on noise pollution and emissions.

The Compact CPT can exert an impressive pushing force of 100Kn (which can be upgraded to 130Kn if required) for CPT work.

Using the Compact CPT for site investigations

Health & safety at the forefront

The CPT Compact Rig also puts health and safety at the forefront of its operation. Most drilling injuries come from hands-on work where personal clothing or parts of the body get caught on a rig’s mechanical component.

With this rig, however, ball clamps are used, therefore mitigating the need for any hand-operated clamps. This significantly reduces the risk of personal injury, on-site.

minimal environmental impact

This rig has a minimal environmental impact thanks to its caterpillar-mounted tracks. These tracks help to keep disturbance to the area surrounding the site investigation to an absolute minimum. All in all, this is a rig that punches well above its weight and delivers an exceptionally high drilling performance.

Further information on the Eijkelkamp GeoPoint Compact CPT Rig

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