A Compact CPT rig being used for sample testing

Calibrating and Testing

As a geotechnical drilling and site investigation company, Borehole Solutions is proud to offer a thorough  sample testing service. Some of the testing services we provide include:

  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • U100
  • Shear Vane
  • Piston Sampling
  • AquaLock Testing

We’re able to assess the integrity of returned core samples, as well as carrying out high-quality contamination testing and WAC testing (Waste Acceptance Criteria testing). These testing services are vital when any kind of redevelopment work is taking place on a site.

Borehole will offer the sample’s statistical data, as well as providing follow-up advice and guidance on how to proceed with your project. Our testing can highlight the presence of fluoride, lead, asbestos, nitrates, pesticides and many more contaminants.

'The bee's knees'


Borehole solutions are absolutely amazing – the bee’s knees! I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for this service.