What are the Advantages of Home Water Well Drilling?

by | Jan 18, 2023

In recent years, the popularity of home water well drilling has risen considerably. However, they’re not only found in a domestic setting as many businesses are opting for this sustainable practice too. Whilst Borehole Solutions applaud this eco-friendly adoption, we also believe it’s vital that you use a proficient contractor. After all, none of us want the stress of having financial and practical difficulties further down the line! A professionally drilled water well can provide numerous benefits for your home or business, including improved energy efficiency and saving money.

The Process of Water Well Drilling

Initially, a water borehole prognosis report based on a hydrological survey is required before any work can take place. This report will identify the location of the water source, as well as the quality and volume that can be extracted. Consequently, this assists with deciding the exact position that the drilling should commence and where the water well should be installed.

Following this, specialist drilling rigs are used to drill the well to the required depth. Additionally, a casing is inserted to prevent the walls of the well collapsing. Then, a test pump is introduced to derive information about the performance characteristics of the water well being installed. During the process, the water level in the abstraction borehole and the pumping rate is monitored. The pipe that abstracts the water and the pump itself is then installed.

The Benefits of Home Water Well Drilling

More Independence

Home water well drilling allows for much greater levels of freedom, both financially and otherwise. By utilising your own water supply, you will no longer be reliant on a private water supplier company, who are likely to be over-charging you. Aside from the initial cost of the installation and the running of the water pump, you will never spend a penny on water again! Whilst there are costs involved, in the long-term, you will save a fortune.

Little Maintenance

People are often under the opinion that a personal water supply would require arduous maintenance and servicing. However, this is not the case. Here at Borehole Solutions, we have provided a few pieces of advice to ensure your domestic water well remains in perfect condition:

  • Don’t allow hazardous materials, including fertilisers, near your water well.
  • Check the water cap regularly to ensure it remains intact.
  • Ensure your waste systems, water systems and any chemical storage is properly separated and kept away from your drilled well.
  • Carry out an annual test to identify any mechanical issues and check for the presence of contaminants.

Environmentally Friendly 

Everybody is well aware of climate change and the detrimental impact it could have on our planet. This is why looking towards a more sustainable future is now more important than ever. With this in mind, it’s important to note that having your own home water well drilling is much more environmentally friendly than having water pumped across the country.

Furthermore, did you know that having a water well installed for your property or business can help you make money? In a similar way that loft installation, double glazing or solar panels add value to a property, so will a water well. When it comes to selling your home in the future, you will see the benefits of your well in the price tag!

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