Are Clean Drilling Techniques Actually Environmentally Friendly?

by | Aug 22, 2023

The environment is at the forefront of every leading geotechnical drilling company’s values nowadays. As people and businesses alike are under more and more scrutiny, it’s now more important than ever before to invest in clean drilling techniques. In fact, prior to starting any drilling project or planning permission case, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) should always be carried out.

Here at Borehole Solutions, we understand exactly how important these assessments are for protecting the environment and our surroundings. Did you know that borehole drilling can actually help to protect the environment?! This week, our expert team discuss how environmentally conscious we really are.

What Are EIAs?

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) are used to determine whether a site is suitable for a construction or drilling project to be carried out on. For example, the assessment may include looking at the groundwater quality, damage to native vegetation, as well as pollution of the land. It’s common place for EIAs to be reserved for larger, more environmentally sensitive projects. However, this is a bit of a subjective area. Consequently, you’ll have to complete EIAs for most geotechnical work, regardless of whether it centres around clean drilling techniques, or otherwise. If you’re interested in learning more about EIAs and the relevant legislation, click here.

Environmental Impact

Boreholes are used for numerous reasons; some of which are to help protect the environment. For example, small window samples or geotechnical surveys can help discover information about the land and analyse the substrates. These clean drilling techniques can be used to check for harmful contaminants, such as asbestos or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Water Well Boreholes

When it comes to preserving our environment, most people are concerned about drilling water well boreholes. It’s no surprise, considering that drilling into groundwater can potentially pollute water sources. With EIAs, however, site analysis ensures that there is no risk throughout the duration of the project.

Before you even need an abstraction license, you can extract up to 20,000 litres per day: that’s 7.3 million litres a year! The main reason for this is to reduce carbon footprints and reduce our scope 3 emissions. When compared to mains water, water well boreholes can reduce carbon dioxide by up to 90%!

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