Cable Percussion Drilling

by | Sep 28, 2022

Cable percussion drilling (CPD) proudly stands as the most common form of geotechnical drilling in the United Kingdom, if not the world! It has proven its worth as an effective drilling method time and time again. Its reliability is one reason why it is a firm favourite of many geotechnical drilling companies.

The team at Borehole Solutions have lost count of how many CPD projects they have carried out! With this in mind, we thought we would explain why this method of drilling is so popular.

What is Cable Percussion Drilling?

 Compared to others, this technique is relatively simple. A cutter, repeatedly lifted up and dropped down inside of a borehole casing, is used to advance the borehole downward. The ‘cable’ in the name is due to the fact that the cutter is attached to a cable that lowers it further through the borehole. This simplicity, when combined with the overall quality of results, makes for one of the most popular drilling methods available.

Cost Effective

As CPD has been used so extensively, it has been made as efficient as possible in terms of both time and finances. This method is a relatively cheap process when compared to other auger methods of drilling. Borehole Solutions provide clients with not only a competitive quote for their work, but also invaluable industry experience as they have worked within the geotechnical sector for over two decades!


Boreholes of up to 60 metres in depth can be drilled with cable percussion! As the borehole is being constructed, it can be stopped at any time to carry out in-situ testing or any other necessary site investigation. This may include standard penetration testing (SPT) or permeability testing.

Furthermore, cable percussion drilling can be used in many different soil types. This includes hard rocks and cohesive soils. When looser substrates or water may be present, borehole casings can help to ensure structural integrity whilst drilling. Consequently, this means there are very few substrates that are unable to be tackled by CPD rigs.

Easily Transported

Another reason for its popularity is due to the ease of use and transportability of the drilling rig. Percussion rigs are straightforwardly dismantled. This allows them to be towed behind a 4×4 vehicle with ease. Consequently, they can be simply relocated across the country to wherever they are required.

Additionally, the CPD rig’s distinctive tripod set-up leaves minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. This makes it a favourite for environmentally conscious companies, such as Borehole Solutions!

The rigs themselves are quite large, meaning they are not suitable for space-restricted projects, but they have crane attachments that allow them to be lifted into position, if necessary.

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