Health and Safety at a Sonic Drilling Company

by | Dec 20, 2022

Here at Borehole Solutions, a leading sonic drilling company in the UK, health and safety for our staff and the general public is paramount. When working with borehole drilling rigs that weigh in excess of 15,000kg, you can’t afford to not take it seriously! There is a significant level of danger when working on construction sites, including potentially hazardous materials and loud noise from drilling machinery. As a consequence, we provide all of our engineers with personal protective equipment (PPE) to guarantee their safety at work.

Personal Safety Wear

Over the years, we have worked on a number of sites across the nation. With every project having individual requirements in terms of health and safety, it’s vital that we have personal protective equipment (PPE) ready to hand.

For most sites, hardhats should be used due to the risk of falling materials. Moreover, the drilling equipment also has moving parts that could potentially hit somebody. Furthermore, we also use safety glasses to prevent irritating dust and other hazardous materials entering our eyes.

Our sonic drilling company use ear defenders to guard our hearing from loud machinery. In addition, we also wear safety footwear with steel toe caps, safety gloves when operating machinery and high-vis clothing so that our drillers are easily visible when working on-site.

All of the above are standard health and safety equipment that you’d expect on to be used on construction sites. However, we also use specialist gear for some more technical geotechnical projects, including harnesses and protective suits!

Qualifications in Safety Measures

 PPE is just the beginning! At Borehole Solutions, our drillers and engineers undergo safety training and hold a range of qualifications to ensure their own, and others’, health and safety. These qualifications include:

  • Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)
  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)
  • First aid
  • Fitness to work tests

What’s more, we also have our own designated Group Health & Safety Manager and use an external health and safety provider who acts as our consultant. These roles oversee our projects and ensure we adhere to our high standards at all times whilst we’re busy at work.

Why is Health and Safety Important?

Undoubtedly, we put the upmost care and attention into health and safety at our sonic drilling company. Our skilled team are extremely thorough with everything that we do, from start to finish. This professionalism has resulted in us operating throughout the country as well as expand our services to working overseas!

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