Hiring Rigs for Borehole Drilling Services

by | Jan 5, 2023

Choosing the right drilling rig for the job is paramount when it comes to borehole drilling services. However, deciding which rig to use may not be as simple as you would initially expect. In recent times, many geotechnical drilling companies are hiring rigs due to the sheer expanse of equipment available. You must be certain that your rented rig is appropriate for you and that the contractor is well trusted. After all, investing in a top-quality rig is useless if it breaks down on-site!

Here at Borehole Solutions, one of the most well-regarded geotechnical drilling companies in the UK, we wanted to discuss the various factors that should be considered when hiring a rig.

What is the Project?

Geotechnical drilling requires appropriately sized equipment for the specific job at hand. Just as you wouldn’t use a mallet for fixing a remote-control car, you wouldn’t hire a sonic drill rig for a restricted access project in the centre of London. Similarly, you wouldn’t choose to use a compact drilling rig for a project in an open field. This would be incredibly inefficient and needlessly increase the length of time it would take to complete the job.

Large Drilling Rigs

For larger projects, sonic and percussion drilling rigs have fantastic performance capabilities. Any job that involves soft to medium rock hardness, such as limestone, would be a good fit for rotary drilling rigs. These rigs are not only used in quarries, but also when drilling boreholes with relatively large diameters. On the other hand, percussion drilling (cable or regular) is ideal for unconsolidated and consolidated formations, including sand and clay. When it comes to borehole drilling services in shallower situations, an auger drill may be the best choice for efficiency. One of our favourite types of rigs at Borehole Solutions is the infamous sonic drilling rig. These offer incredible power and a particularly clean job compared to other auger drills.

Small Drilling Rigs

For some projects, it might be beneficial to look at rigs of a smaller size compared to those described above. If you’re looking to perform soil sampling, for example, then a window sampling drill would be ideal. These rigs are easy to operate, without the need for excessive training. On that note, are you trained in using the machinery? Don’t worry if you’re not, as this is often the case, but you should think about hiring the company alongside the rig for your project.

The Cost of Borehole Drilling Services

Regardless of the drill that you require for your borehole drilling services, the cost must always be considered! Understandably, you’re paying for both the quality as well as the size of the rig. Following on from our previous example, this is why sonic drill rigs are the most expensive to hire, and handheld rigs are much cheaper. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to offer exact figures as the cost comes down to a number of factors, including the length of hire time, the type of project, breakdown cover, and much more.

Contact Us about our Borehole Drilling Services

Choosing the right rig for your borehole drilling services is essential. Not only will using the wrong rig be irritating, but it will also waste both time and money! With this in mind, if you’re unsure which rig to hire, then our team will be happy to talk through your options. Give us a call on 01733 200501 or email us at info@boreholesolutions.com if you’d like to find out more information about our rig hiring services.