How to deal with Highway Failures

by | May 23, 2023

Highways are an indispensable aspect of our daily routines. They enable businesses to run smoothly, connect families, and even help save lives. Therefore, when highway failures occur, they can be especially frustrating. At the very least, a highway failure can be a nuisance. This could simply involve drivers hoping that hitting a pothole down a country lane will not result in expensive repairs. However, in the worst-case scenario, these failures can be downright hazardous.

Regardless of the severity, these failures must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. This is where professionals, such as Borehole Solutions, come in. Our specialist team regularly provides remedial work for all types of road failures. Today, we wanted to share what we do best in more detail.

What are Highway Failures?

At one point or another, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have come across a highway failure when on the road. These can range in severity from small potholes to large cracks opening across the centre of a motorway. You can find more examples by clicking here! Why this occurs, however, is not always a simple thing to ascertain. Perhaps severe weather events, such as flooding, have worn away at the road’s foundation. Sometimes, however, the road is just too old and can no longer handle the load on top of them.

Our Remediatory Services

At Borehole Solutions, we are regularly called to deal with highway failures and road maintenance. Here are some of the situations where our geotechnical expertise is often required:

Slope Stabilisation

In general, the UK’s topography is rarely flat. Most locations across the island consist of rolling hillsides – low in elevation, but certainly hilly. In the north and west of England, however – where the highest elevations are found – upland and mountainous terrain is prominent. Highways built on hillsides and slopes can become unstable and unsafe from time to time. Remediating this infrastructure involves installing inclinometers to monitor the slope’s condition and ensure any existing damage doesn’t worsen over time.


Fortunately, landslides are a rare event within the UK, with rainfall being a key trigger for those which do occur. Should subsurface fall away, the road paving is at risk of opening into a fault. Whilst there may not be any immediate concerns, exposure to the elements can certainly worsen these cracks. Considering the state of the UK’s weather, it’s therefore vital these faults are detected and remediated with haste.

Buried Service Diversion

When dealing with highway failures on major roads, exploratory boreholes must always be drilled prior to remediation. This is to ascertain whether any important structures lie beneath the surface. After all, you don’t want to be halfway through drilling, only to discover a mains water pipe blocking your path!

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Early detection and proactiveness are essential when dealing with serious highway failures. That’s why a trusted contractor, like Borehole Solutions, should always be your first point of call. For more information about our remediatory services, get in touch! Call us on 01733 200501, or email to reach our expert team.