Lifespan of Boreholes

by | Sep 6, 2022

If you are thinking about drilling a borehole to extract water, we are certain that you are curious to know how long your investment will last. You will be pleased to hear that the lifespan of boreholes is a considerably long time! With appropriate maintenance, boreholes can remain for decades, even a lifetime. We have seen boreholes in use that were created hundreds of years ago, when drilling techniques were nowhere near as advanced as they are today. This means, if using the most up-to-date geotechnical methods and technology, your borehole is highly unlikely to collapse any time soon.

Nowadays, boreholes are lined with plastic membranes, which allows water to flow freely and reduces the risk of the borehole collapsing in on itself. There is a minimal chance that these linings will become damaged, so it wouldn’t be surprising that, in recent times, the lifespan of boreholes could be dramatically increased. It is important to note, however, that regular maintenance is required to ensure the water from the borehole remains potable for use.

How are Boreholes Maintained?

Boreholes have many parts that require maintenance. The head of the borehole should be made of galvanised metal to avoid corrosion. If you already have a non-galvanised head in place, then it should be coated in an oil or spray to help minimise the risk. Alternatively, you may have a plastic head, which should be cleaned every now and again to stop bacteria growing. It is also important to check under the manhole cover to be sure that nothing has reached inside, such as mud or insects.

The borehole water pump and filters can sometimes become blocked with small pieces of bacteria, which can lead to reduced flow speed and a lower quality of water. Iron deposits in the water can also hold on to components and clog the system over time. Due to this, it is crucial to lift the pump for cleaning regularly. If it gets particularly dirty, then a chemical clean may be required, or even a replacement to ensure the borehole is efficient to use.

Regularly testing the water is a simple way to check for any of the issues described above. If you find high levels of iron, manganese or bacterium, then this could be an indication that your borehole is becoming blocked up and hence cleaning is soon required.

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It is vital to use the correct methods when installing a borehole to ensure the longest lifespan possible. In addition, regular maintenance can help to prolong the lifespan of a borehole if you want a long-term, potable water supply. For more information about how to install or maintain boreholes, then please get in touch today!

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