Overnight Drilling Services with Borehole Solutions

by | Jul 12, 2022

Our heavy machinery, as you would expect, can cause disruption to the public as we work on roads during the day. Although we enjoy making noise and getting dirty, we also do not like to be a nuisance! This means our skilled team are capable of performing overnight drilling services to work on your project as efficiently as possible, with minimal disturbance to your day.

Working Overnight

The professional team at Borehole Solutions are able to adapt and be flexible for any special requirements of our clients. If the job in hand is at a distance from houses or does not result in much noise, then we can carry out the job overnight. For instance, we recently carried out a survey on a railway bridge that is due to be restored. Due to the nature of the work being carried out on the train tracks, it was ideal to perform the work overnight in order to keep disruption to a minimum.

Similarly, we can provide overnight drilling services on closed highways. We tend to be able to make as much noise as we need to, considering that highways are usually far away from houses. This is ideal as we generally use our larger sized borehole drilling rigs for working on highways, which can reach a volume of 90 decibels within 50 feet of the machine! However, the overnight noise limit is 40 decibels, meaning we must ensure that we are far away enough to avoid any noise complaints! In addition, our drilling rigs can be a fairly large size, so working overnight is useful as people are not requiring use of the space at this time.

Improved Efficiency with Overnight Drilling Services

When tight deadlines are at play, we must ensure that we are working as quickly and effectively as possible. Overnight, it is unlikely that any other work is being carried out in the area, so there shouldn’t be anything standing in our way! This means we can perform our overnight drilling services more quickly compared to during the daytime. It also means you are able to access the site first thing in the morning once we have finished our work. At Borehole Solutions, our expert team are confident that we can complete your project around a time frame that is best for you as well as the public.

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