Save Money with Agricultural Boreholes

by | Jun 27, 2022

The agricultural industry utilises 70% of commercial water consumption every day. From drinking water for livestock to irrigation and slurry flushing, the agricultural industry uses a huge amount of water for a range of reasons. Fortunately, with a borehole you can extract up to 20,000 litres per day without any other fees or an abstraction license. If you require more water than this figure, then a license is needed, which costs a different amount for every individual due to various factors. The calculation can be found here, but our team at Borehole Solutions take a look at how much money you could save going forward with agricultural boreholes installation.

Saving Costs with Agricultural Boreholes

There may be ongoing costs with agricultural boreholes for some maintenance work and license fees. According to larger sized farms, they are saving over £40 – 50 per day on their water usage, which adds up to saving at least £14,600 annually with only one borehole! Many of our clients’ state that boreholes more than pay for themselves after one year. Borehole Solutions are able to help you to calculate how much money you could save as well as discuss the application process for an abstraction license if required.

Agricultural Boreholes Horror Stories!

Whilst almost every farmer confirming that a borehole has provided them with the fastest return on investment that they have seen, you may come across some horror stories from other people within the industry. The majority of the issues we tend to hear about are agricultural boreholes collapsing in on themselves. This results in obstructing the borehole and dislodging the pump, which leads to further problems. However, this tends to occur if you try to cut corners and avoid using a professional installation company. If you use a contractor with a specialised team, such as Borehole Solutions, then this will considerably reduce the chance of this occurring down the line.

How much Maintenance is Required?

Agricultural boreholes require only a little amount of maintenance work and it is conceivable to say that a borehole could quite easily run for decades. Depending on your location, you may find that bacteria, iron deposits, or manganese can accumulate in your pump. The element deposits can easily be removed with a chemical clean, whilst the bacteria can be treated with UV light. However, if you raise the pump for cleaning every now and then, you should not need to resort to these additional measures.

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At Borehole Solutions, we have over two decades of experience with agricultural boreholes and have helped numerous clients find safe access to groundwater as well as save money. Our team are also able to line the borehole and install the pump, both of which are included as part of our service.

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