Sonic Drilling Solutions

by | Feb 8, 2023

From rotary drilling to cable percussion, there is no shortage of drilling methods available across the geotechnical industry. Recently, more and more site investigation companies are making the switch towards sonic drilling solutions. Like most, the drilling industry is no stranger to trends, but why is sonic drilling becoming more popular? Well, unlike these more conventional techniques, sonic drilling is a much cleaner, versatile, and is a more efficient alternative for geotechnical drilling.

The team here at Borehole Solutions – who offer geotechnical solutions across the UK – wanted to explain the reasoning behind why this has quickly become one of our most popular services. Trust us, once you’ve read this, you’ll be wondering why all site investigators don’t offer this technique. It really is both the present and future of geotechnical drilling.

What are sonic drilling solutions?

Sonic drilling is typically used where ground conditions are difficult, and traditional solutions have proven to be unsuccessful. It uses high-frequency energy generated inside the sonic head to advance a core barrel downwards through any substrate present. The resulting vibrations create a liquefying effect, loosening the surrounding soil’s integrity and allowing for smoother drilling. Telescopic casing is then placed over the advanced barrel to retrieve the core, all while preventing any risk of collapse.

When should you use sonic drilling?

As a low-waste and low-impact drilling method, sonic drilling solutions are ideal for environmentally-conscious site investigations. Its shortened drilling time enables a quicker overall investigation, and less energy spent running the power-hungry equipment. It’s a win-win for everyone. Site investigators can retain high-quality yields, whilst also reducing the environmental impact on the site and its surrounding areas.

How does sonic drilling compare to other drilling techniques?

The efficiency of sonic drilling solutions cannot be flawed, but what else sets them above other more conventional methods?


Compared to the more conventional rotary drilling technique, sonic drilling operates up to 400% quicker due to its high-frequency oscillations. This doesn’t just come from the actual drilling itself, however, but also from its ability to carry out continuous coring. Unlike other rigs, this enables sonic drilling to carve through the ground with ease.

Recovery Rates

Sonic drilling regularly provides the best recovery rate compared to any other drilling method. In fact, the Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill – Borehole Solution’s go-to sonic drilling rig – consistently achieves recovery rates of greater than 95%. Especially for continuous core samples, the quality of those collected can be three times greater compared to auger drilling samples.

Greater Versatility

As each site investigation is conducted in various conditions and environments, a great degree of adaptability is required. As such, rubber caterpillar tracks are fitted to these rigs to ensure optimal manoeuvrability in even the toughest conditions.

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Sonic drilling is only one of the drilling services that we offer here at Borehole Solutions. Whilst other drilling techniques certainly have their own advantages, nothing quite compares to the efficiency of our sonic drilling solutions. To find out more about our sonic drilling services, call us today on 01733 200501, or email our team at