The Benefits of Cable Percussion Drilling

by | Jan 31, 2022

Cable percussion drilling stands proud as the most popular form of drilling in, not only the United Kingdom, but probably the world! Time and time again, it has proven its worth as a drilling methodology. This is largely due to its sheer reliability; making it a firm favourite of all geotechnical drilling companies.

Whilst we here at Borehole Solutions don’t like to play favourites – recognising that every method has its place – we’ve still carried out more cable percussion jobs than we can count. With this in mind, we thought we would take a moment to tell you exactly why it’s such a superb means of drilling.

What Is Cable Percussion Drilling?

Compared to some others, this method of drilling is relatively simple. A cutter, repeatedly lifted up and dropped inside of a borehole casing, is used to advance the borehole downward. The cutter is attached to a cable – hence the cable part of the name – which lowers it further down through the borehole.

This simplicity, especially when considered alongside the overall quality of results, plays a large part in explaining this method’s popularity.


A borehole of up to 60 metres in depth can be drilled via cable percussion drilling. Rather helpfully, the drilling process can be paused at any moment in order for any necessary site investigations to be undertaken. This could be anything from permeability testing to SPT.

Furthermore, anything from cohesive soils to harder rock can be effectively disturbed by this particular drilling method. Borehole casings are typically used in areas where water may be present, such as looser substrates, to ensure structural integrity during drilling. With all this in mind, we’re sure you can see that very few substrates are a match for the CPD rig.

Easily Transported

Another reason for its popularity, especially amongst drillers like ourselves, is the ease-of-use and transport. Percussion rigs are easy to dismantle, allowing them to be towed behind a 4×4 vehicle. Naturally, this means they can be transported across the country to wherever they’re needed with ease.

Disrupting the surrounding landscape is sometimes a necessary evil when drilling. A CPD rig’s distinctive tripod set-up, however, leaves very little impact, making it even more of a favourite to eco-conscious firms like Borehole Solutions!

Whilst the rigs themselves are quite large (which rules out many space-restricted projects), their crane attachments allow them to be lifted into position, if necessary.


As if you needed another benefit… we’ve got a client favourite for you! As with most things that are used extensively, cable percussion drilling has been made as efficient as possible. From not only a time perspective, but also a financial one. Compared with a variety of other augering methods, this process is relatively cheap!

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