The Maintenance of a Sonic Drilling Rig

by | Oct 18, 2022

The days of primitive drilling machinery are long gone. Recently, drilling rigs are state-of-the-art pieces of equipment that require regular maintenance, servicing and calibration. Borehole Solutions, a leading provider of geotechnical drilling services nationwide, would like to tell you more about why we maintain our sonic drilling rig machinery in good working order.

Why do Sonic Drilling Rigs require Maintenance?

The answer to this is simple considering the lengthy list of different parts and features in a sonic drilling rig. This includes:

  • Sonic drill head with a vibration oscillator
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system
  • Control system
  • High-pressure water pump
  • Magnetic rod loading arm
  • Rotatable jibboom

With the sheer number of moving parts, you can see why our maintenance services are required!


Caring for our drilling rigs is the right thing to do! The effects of this are dramatic. Firstly, the higher we set our own standards, then the better we work as a result. In addition, it’s a matter of trust. If you’re looking to have some sonic drilling work carried out, then you want to ensure that your contractor is professional. If the rig that your hired contractor is using is struggling and spluttering very often, then you’re going to question whether they’re the right team for your project.

You want a drilling contractor that arrives on time and with a rig that looks professional and clean. Understandably, both parties want to be using a rig that operates and looks as good as new! If this is the case, then your worries will be put at ease very quickly – set your standards high.

Small Investment

Our in-house fitter services our sonic drilling rigs regularly. This means we put forward a small investment in return for peace of mind that we’ll not face any significant mechanical or electrical failure whilst on-site. This industry is both time-critical and weather-dependent, meaning any time wasted is not ideal. Time not spent working is money down the drain – and that’s prior to factoring in the more costly mending works. Regular maintenance work, therefore, almost entirely removes the risk of any downtime for repairs occurring.

The Benefits of Sonic Drilling

There are many benefits to sonic drilling compared to conventional drilling methods, including:

  • Speed – sonic drilling rigs operate up to 400% more quickly than rotary drilling!
  • Clean – the integrity of returned core samples is incredibly high.
  • Safety – a sonic drilling rig features a hands-free operating system, safety cages, guarding measures, counterbalance valves and much more.
  • Versatile – fitted rubber caterpillar tracks ensures a high degree of manoeuvrability and flexibility.
  • Environment – less waste and quicker on-site operation means sonic drilling is more environmentally conscious than other geotechnical drilling solutions.

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