What are the Benefits of Geothermal Borehole Drilling?

by | Nov 3, 2022

Renewable energy has climbed to the spotlight in recent times. With more people taking proactive environmental measures, it is crucial to implement sustainable practices where possible. At Borehole Solutions, we aim to act as environmentally conscious as possible through our geothermal borehole drilling services.

Geothermal drilling is a modern geotechnical methodology that has emerged. It can be through large-scale geothermal plants or small-scale via the implantation of ground source heat pumps. Regardless, the benefits of geothermal services are manifold.

Our team at Borehole Solutions, a leading provider of geotechnical drilling services in the UK, would like to delve deeper into the practice of geothermal drilling.

Why should we use Geothermal Energy?

Did you know that 90% of Iceland’s heating demand is supplied from geothermal energy sources? Unlike other renewable energy sources, geothermal has the capability to provide clean energy every minute, of every day. This contrasts to the substitutions, such as solar power, that requires continuous sunlight or wind power, dependant on a constant breeze.

Geothermal energy is used for heat production. This can be achieved using heat pumps or direct heat exchange technology. Alternatively, it can be utilised for power production via steam turbines. In terms of practical applications, this form of energy can be used for both urban and domestic heating. This includes homes, greenhouses and working offices. This means it can  generate electricity for both national and personal usage.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs)

At Borehole Solutions, we specialise in geothermal borehole drilling for domestic purposes, including the installation of ground source heat pumps (GSHPs). Our team can drill boreholes up to a maximum depth of 250 metres, meaning we focus on the smaller-scale geothermal projects. Our GSHPs are able to harness the energy required to power your home by means of geothermal, as well as solar gain – the ground is heated by both the rock itself and energy from the sun. We install GSHPs via either ground arrays or borehole systems, dependent on the space available at the property or development.

What are the Benefits?

  • Geothermal borehole drilling results in utilising a renewable energy source, meaning you’re helping to improve the sustainability of our planet.
  • Minimal maintenance is required to sustain a geothermal heat pump once it has been installed by a professional.
  • You can benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment scheme from the government.
  • GSHPs will provide a plentiful supply of hot water as well as heating for your home.
  • Using geothermal energy for your heating, in comparison to oil, gas or electricity, can help mitigate some of the largest financial drains that you’re facing.

Our Geothermal Borehole Drilling

Renewable energy sources are only going to increase in popularity in the near future, and geothermal borehole drilling is no exception. Sustainable energy sources were once only used for national and corporate companies; however, this is no longer the case. Ground source heat pumps can be used to harness enough energy to power your property – the benefits of utilising geothermal solutions far outweigh the traditional means of power generation.

If you would like to find out more about our geothermal drilling services, then get in touch today! Give us a call on 01733 200501 or email us at info@boreholesolutions.com.