What Qualities do Geotechnical Drilling Companies need?

by | Mar 21, 2023

The geotechnical drilling industry demands a lot from those within it. It’s built on the back of hard work, and it encompasses highly experienced drillers who are testament to this. With such a huge selection to choose from, it can be difficult to discern the best from the rest! After all, everybody wants to claim that they’re one of the ‘top geotechnical drilling companies around.’ Who wouldn’t? Despite these claims, however, how do you identify those that are amongst the best for you?

The More Experience, The Merrier!

As you would expect, the process of geotechnical drilling requires a great deal of technical precision and a steady hand. Well, for when your digging trial pits, nonetheless. Understandably, however, every company has to start somewhere. Whether you’re specialising in remediation, soakaways, or a general mix of services, the sooner you start racking up experience, the better. The more experience you accrue, the better the service you can provide, and the more reliable and trustworthy you will become. Really, it’s a win-win! At Borehole Solutions, we have over two decades of experience as one of the leading geotechnical drilling companies in the industry. Rest assured, when working with us, you are in safe hands.

What Good are Geotechnical Drilling Companies without Trust and Teamwork?

There’s no hiding from the fact that we’re operating within a dangerous industry. Despite significant improvements in worker safety within recent years, you’re still working with potentially high-risk machinery. After all, you’re operating 2500kg rigs with metal-plated drills for a living! You need to know your drilling partners have your back at all times – there’s absolutely no two ways about it.

Our sonic drilling rigs, for instance, have a hands-free operating system, and their wireless control features greatly reduce injury risks. Even with these advancements, however, you can’t take away the fact that the element of risk will always exist. Some of these risks can be found by clicking here. Having a team you can rely on is crucial, should things ever go wrong.

Flexibility and Innovative Thinking

One day, things will inevitably go wrong. It’s just a fact of life – one that geotechnical drilling companies aren’t exempt from. Thinking on your feet and adapting to what’s thrown at you is essential, especially considering the drilling industry’s numerous risks.

The geotechnical sector is influenced by many variables – none more so prominent and ever-changing than the lovely Great British weather. From snow in spring, to record-breaking summer heatwaves, you’re going to need to be flexible – come rain or shine.

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If you’re considering hiring one of the top geotechnical drilling companies in the UK, you’re going to want to put in the research. Ensure your contractor of choice is ticking each of these boxes as a minimum! So, if you’d like to find out more about our geotechnical services, contact us today! Call us on 01733 200501 or click here to speak to our team today.