Dynamic Probing

Image of Borehole Solution North's modular dynamic probing rig.

what is dynamic probing?

Dynamic probing is a common ground investigation process, which offers efficient and cost-effective testing results. As a drilling solution, dynamic probing can reveal the depth to rockhead, suitable ground conditions and the presence of any cavities and serves as an effective alternative to Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) in certain situations.

The process involves vertically directing a steel cone downwards through the substrate using the Nordmeyer LMSR Dynamic Probing Rig or the Archway Dart, and recording the number of blows taken for each 10cm of depth drilled. This method of investigation provides highly reliable and accurate sampling results.

our crew And process

All of Borehole Solutions’ dynamic probing crews are composed of highly trained, motivated and hard-working individuals who truly know the meaning of graft. We’ll not only work to get the job done, we’ll get it done well.

Though a dynamic probing project might be on the smaller end the spectrum, scale-wise, we treat each job with the same commitment and high standards that it deserves, no matter how big or small. Get in touch to find out more.

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