Why you need to keep your Sonic Rigs in Good Working Order

by | May 2, 2023

The days of primitive drilling machinery is ancient history. Whilst we’re not opposed to an old-fashioned hand drill and shovel, however, today’s sonic rigs put these techniques to shame. Naturally, this means they require regular calibration, maintenance and servicing to run efficiently. At Borehole Solutions, sonic drilling is our forte. We certainly understand the importance of keeping our machinery in tip-top condition. Today, we wanted to tell you just a few reasons as to why.

Which Components of Sonic Rigs require Maintenance?

As you can imagine, a sonic drilling rig is quite a complex bit of kit. There’s a lengthy list of different parts and features that one comprises of. Some of these include:

  • Control system
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system
  • High-pressure water pump
  • Magnetic rod loading arm
  • Rotatable jibboom
  • Sonic drill head with a vibration oscillator

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Aside from its immediate benefits, looking after our sonic rigs is simply the right thing to do! You can break the effects of this down into two main parts. Firstly, the higher we set our standards across the board, the better the results. Secondly, it’s a simple matter of trust. You want to look professional, and if your rig is constantly struggling and spluttering, it looks anything but. People looking to get sonic work carried out will be thinking “are these really the right professionals for the job?” Understandably, both parties want equipment that operates as if it was brand new. If this is the case for you, our advice is simple – set your standards high!

It’s a Small Investment!

At Borehole Solutions, we regularly service our sonic rigs with our own in-house fitter. It’s an insignificant investment for the time, costs, and peace of mind that otherwise significant failures on-site would cause. With the geotechnical drilling industry being so weather-dependent and time-critical, when considering the UK’s constantly fluctuating weather, downtime isn’t ideal. After all, its money wasted! Even then, you’ll still have to factor in the cost of repairs. It all adds up, but the vast majority can be avoided with regular maintenance work.

Sonic Drilling Rigs vs Alternative Drilling Methods

Sonic drilling offers a range of benefits over more conventional alternatives, and with a well-maintained rig, you’ll soon realise them! Sonic drilling rigs, for example, can operate up to 400% faster than other methods when kept in good condition. Their versatile caterpillar tracks ensure high manoeuvrability and flexibility on even the toughest of terrains. This enables them to return incredibly high integrity core samples, as well as be far safer and more environmentally considerate. Without a well-kept rig, this level of effectiveness wouldn’t be possible.

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